Our leadership

The Saferoad Group Management Team is a dynamic and experienced collective committed to steering the organization towards success. Comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive industry and leadership knowledge, the Group Management work diligently to ensure the Group consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

  • Bernd Frühwald, CEO
  • Anders Kristensson, CFO
  • Oscar Sandell, CHRO
  • Taek Lim, SVP Strategy and M&A
  • Espen Samuelsen, SVP Operations
  • Mads Norman, SVP Traffic
  • Artin Papanian, SVP Restraint Systems
  • Grzegorz Baginski, SVP Services
  • Kjetil Nesset, SVP Infrastructure
On site in the automated light pole factory in Ørsta.

Members of the Group management on site in the automated light pole factory in Ørsta.

Board of Directors
  • Patrik Nolåker, Chairman of the Board
  • Ulrik Smith, Board member, FSN Capital
  • Elke Eckstein, Board member, Independent
  • Niclas Thiel, Board member, FSN Capital
  • Moritz Madlener, Board Member, FSN Capital
  • Espen Asheim, Board member, FSN Capital
  • Jan Torgeir Hovden, Board member, Employee representative
  • Knut Brevik, Board member, Employee representative